Your Small Business Warrant of Fitness

Specifically designed for small New Zealand businesses, the Dialed Small Business Warrant of Fitness takes just 7 minutes and will help you unearth any blind spots, inefficiencies and limitations in key areas of your business.

Independent Business Fitness Assessments

Dialed's Top Five Goals:

Increase the survival rate of kiwi SME’s from 70% to at LEAST 80% in the first 3 years

Increase the amount of kiwis employed by SME’s from 650k to 1m

Increase the average Salary of SME employees from $52k to $60k

Increase the economic value add of SME’s from 42% to 50%

Increase the amount of SME’s getting VC capital and expanding offshore

Getting your business Dialed


FREE Business Fitness Assessment

Ranging across key areas of business fitness we will ask you a series of relatively easy to answer questions.

Get a quick topline at any gaps in your business which you may not have seen.


Receive Your Results

Simple questions deserve nothing but simple answers and that's exactly what you get.

The full results for your Dialed Small Business Warrant of Fitness will be automatically emailed to your inbox within 30 minutes.


FREE Resources and Support Partners

After you've received your results, we'll also send you a list of FREE business resources, preferred partners and business specialists that can help you tackle any of your weak spots head on.

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Plan Your Next Steps

We’ve partnered with one of the worlds leading business planning tools to help you craft and plan your next best steps for a stronger and more resilient business.

We're here to make Kiwi businesses better

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re stressed or working through some personal problems then you’re likely not functioning as well as you could be.

And your business is the same. Your strategy may be perfect, but if the execution is letting you down then you need to know about it, so you can address the situation and improve the health of your business.

We've got your back!

With a wealth of trusted, and vetted service providers on hand to help you cover any blind spots and turn inefficiencies into well oiled machines.

Dialed is here to help you build a stronger and more efficient and resilient business.