Our Why...

Kia Ora,

After years of starting, building, supporting and exiting various businesses I got thinking about my next new challenge. A challenge to directly make a dent in Aotearoa's economic ecosystem. And the challenge was a simple question:

"How could we add over a billion dollars in commercial value to Kiwi small businesses?

Why Small Business?

There are over 530,000 small businesses in Aotearoa. That’s 97% of all businesses, and as someone who’s lived and breathed the entrepreneurial landscape for 2 decades I know that EVERY single business ALWAYS has blind spots - so how could we help address this - at SCALE.

Dialed.org.nz was the answer.

Why a Billion?

If in the next 3 years we can help 50,000 SME’s save just $20,000 then that’s already 1 Billion in realised value that will be directly created for others. We believe that our true impact can be much more, but with every dollar that gets saved or new dollar that gets created by Kiwi businesses engaging with Dialed that will eventually have a long tail for good in the ecosystem.

That extra value and business efficiency will mean more savings to companies, more efficient operating entities, more investments, more R&D, more hiring and stronger P&L’s across the SME landscape in Aotearoa. And that makes us feel good.

Dialed's Top Five Goals:

Increase the survival rate of kiwi SME’s from 70% to at LEAST 80%

Increase the amount of kiwis employed by SME’s from 650k to 1m

Increase the average Salary of SME employees from $52k to $60k

Increase the economic value add of SME’s from 42% to 50%

Increase the amount of SME’s getting VC capital and expanding offshore

I believe New Zealand wins when New Zealanders win - Dialed.org.nz is an opportunity for us to help do just that.

What we'll be delivering next:

- Localised Service Partners
- National Advisory Network
- Business Upskilling Courses
- Business Owner Support Groups

And much, much more.

Robett Hollis - Dialed.org.nz Founder
Multi-Exit Entrepreneur / Ngati Porou / #GirlDad